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Fun & Profit From Collectables
Fun & Profit From Collectables

Fun & Profit From Collectables

This is probably the most extensive work on the subject of lower value collectables.

As well as a fabulous trip down memory lane, the book is designed to inform, educate and entertain. You will find thousands of items that can be found at car boot sales, collectors fairs and on internet auction websites.

As you move from one page to another, you are likely to be surprised by the diversity of the subject matter. Whoever would believe that people collect old car park tickets? And, yes, there really are collectors who will pay over £1000 for an old tax disc.

Every item in the book has been individually sourced, researched and photographed. In many cases, similar items had been sold via our auction magazine Collecticus. Actual sale prices helped in referencing the estimated values.

440-page hardback book measuring 297 x 210mm.

£29.00 COLFP
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