Fun & Profit From Collectables
Hartley Publications

This is probably the most extensive work on the subject of lower value collectables.

As well as a fabulous trip down memory lane, the book is designed to inform, educate and entertain.

You will find thousands of items that can be found at car boot sales, collectors fairs and on internet auction websites.

As you move from one page to another, you are likely to be surprised by the diversity of the subject matter. Whoever would believe that people collect old car park tickets? And, yes, there really are collectors who will pay over £1000 for an old tax disc.

Every item in the book has been individually sourced, researched and photographed. In many cases, similar items had been sold via our auction magazine Collecticus. Actual sale prices helped in referencing the estimated values.

440-page hardback book measuring 297 x 210mm

  Price: £29.00  
Looking Back - 50s Adverts
A sample of those eye-catching advertisements that had us all dipping into our wallets during the 1950s. Presented in full-colour over 96 pages.
  Price: £4.95  
Autograph - George Baker

The Fame Collection offers an opportunity to purchase authentic autographs at realistic prices. Its a great opportunity to make a potential long-term investment. The autograph is on the front page of a full-colour A5 4-page publication, which includes a biography of the star. The back page is numbered and embossed for proof of authenticity. George Baker is best known for his portrayal of Inspector Wexford. Price £6 plus VAT plus £1 P&P
  Price: £8.20  
Trade And Collect Ephemera
A comprehensive introduction to the world of ephemera collecting. 68pp.
  Price: £2.95  
Trade And Collect Tax Discs
A complete introduction to the interesting world of velology (tax disc collecting). 96pp.
  Price: £4.95  
Trade And Collect Collectables
A compilation of some of the hundreds of items that have passed through the Collecticus auction, plus a range of articles on various collecting subjects and a detailed glossary. It is a valuable aid for established traders and enthusiasts as well as for those who are making their first foray into the world of collectables. This 212-page full colour hardback with dust jacket and silver-block spine contains over 1300 individually photographed collectable items, each with its auction selling price.
  Price: £16.95  
Trade And Collect First Day Covers
A comprehensive introduction to the world of First Day Covers with the beginner strongly in mind. 64pp.
  Price: £3.95  
Trade And Collect TV and Radio Licences
A fascinating collecting area that many people are just discovering. These fascinating, colourful collectables are a joy to collect. 48pp.
  Price: £2.95  
The Minic Book

160 pages. Hardback.
  Price: £30.00  
British Teenage Dolls

196 pages. Hardback.
  Price: £17.95  
Action Man

276 pages. Hardback.
  Price: £15.99  
British Lorries 1945-65
Rinsey Mills
Drawing from a vast private collection of lorry manufacturers sales brochures and publicity material, this book provides an enthralling history of the British lorry since the Second World War, covering all makes and their products, from AEC to Vulcan; from the revolutionary but now forgotton Jensen to the classic Bedford TK.
  Price: £30.00  
Cherished Numbers
Elite Registrations
Car registrations have fascinated people since they were first introduced. This book is all about the registrations that have become cherished by their owners.
  Price: £4.95  
Arthur Budgett Horse Transporter
Macmo Models
Boxed limited edition diecast model. Limited to only 1500. Includes a card signed by Arthur Budgett.
  Price: £19.95  
Hornby Dublo Trains 1938-1964

416 pages. Hardback.
  Price: £45.00  
Story of Rovex Volume 1

464 pages. Hardback.
  Price: £50.00  
Story of Rovex Volume 2

520 pages. Hardback.
  Price: £50.00  
The King
Jim Piazza
The biggest, most lavish tribute to Elvis Presley ever published. This book covers his childhood and early career, his army years, his rise to superstardom, the Hollywood years, the Las Vegas years, his many women and the industry that has sprung up around his image.
  Price: £45.00  
Toy Steam Accessories
Marcus Rooks
Describes the principle types of accessory, production techniques and gives tips on collecting and care of accessories. 32pp.
  Price: £4.99  
Deans Rag Books and Rag Dolls

This work chronicles the range of rag books published before World War II, covering topics such as A.B.Cs, object books and books on animals and transport. 256 pages. Hardback.
  Price: £60.00  
Signed Willie Carson print

This print captures the unique atmosphere of the old Ascot winners enclosure. The scene is from 1979 with Willie Carson returning triumphantly on Troy. Includes a photograph of Willie Carson at the signing session. Size: 355mm x 265mm Colour
  Price: £47.00  
Signed Lester Piggott Print

Photo at Royal Ascot 1984. Includes a photograph of Lester Piggott at the signing session. Size: 355mm x 265mm Colour
  Price: £56.00  
Signed Lord Oaksey print

A black and white print of Lord John Oaksey OBE (formerly John Lawrence) at Cheltenham in 1964. Includes a photograph of Lord Oaksey at the signing session. Size: 355mm x 265mm Black and White
  Price: £39.00  
Soviet Song Commemorative Cover

Guaranteed Limited edition of just 2,000 covers, each with a first class definitive stamp affixed and cancelled with the Elite Racing Club special handstamp. Signed by James Fanshawe. Cover measures 162mm x 114mm
  Price: £9.95  
Soviet Song China Plate

The image is of Elite Racing Club’s Star horse Soviet Song. It is from an original painting by Bob Rudd. The limited edition fine bone china plate is made in England and is hand decorated with a 22 carat gold edge. (Limited edition of only 1000).
  Price: £29.95  
ERC Trade Cards (Framed Print 1-20)

  Price: £34.95  
ERC Trade Cards (Framed Print 21-40)

  Price: £34.95  
ERC Trade Cards Full Set

  Price: £14.95  
ERC Trade Cards Album

  Price: £4.95  
An Ordinary Day In 1945
Peter Kassak
This book provides a fascinating snapshot of the Air War over Europe on 2nd March 1945. It provides a detailed description of air operations on this ordinary day late in the war, detailing the battles of the USAAF 8th & 9th Air Forces, and the RAFs 2nd TAF, against the Luftwaffe.
  Price: £9.99  
The Book of Churchilliana

168 pages. Hardback.
  Price: £25.00  
Biscuit Tins 1868-1939

168 pages. Hardback.
  Price: £25.00  
Bassett-Lowke Waterline Ship Models

160 pages. Hardback.
  Price: £35.00  
Discovering Hallmarks on English Silver
John Bly
A pocket guide to marks, makers, and silver styles, with useful advice for the collector. 72pp
  Price: £4.99  
Old Garden Tools
Kay N. Sanecki
A fully illustrated review of gardening tools from the 17th and 18th Century. 32pp
  Price: £4.99  
Clay Tobacco Pipes
Eric G. Ayto
Charts the origins and types of Clay Tobacco Pipes. 32pp.
  Price: £4.99  
Magic Lanterns
Derek Greenacre
Traces the early forms of projection and follows their evolution through time. 32pp.
  Price: £2.95  
20th Century Tiles
Hans van Lemmen
Charts the development of twentieth-century tiles and considers how the manufacturers and designers met technical and artistic challenges. 40pp.
  Price: £4.99  
Enamel Advertising Signs
Andrew Morley
Examines a wide range of enamel advertising signs from the late Victorian era through to the 1960s. 40pp.
  Price: £4.99  
Longcase Clocks
Joanna Greenlaw
A concise survey of the development of the longcase clock in Britain, care of clocks, buying and selling, and details of how they work. 40pp.
  Price: £4.99  
Discovering Oil Lamps
Cecil A. Meadows
Traces the evolution of oil lighting and fine lamps. 48pp.
  Price: £4.99  
Billiards and Snooker Bygones
Norman Clare
Details the early form of billiards and snooker, describing the tables and accessories, from its vague beginnings to the present day. 32pp.
  Price: £4.99  
Anita McConnell
Charts the origins and types of this ingenious weather-predicting device. 32pp.
  Price: £4.99  
Laundry Bygones
Pamela Sambrook
Illustration of the simple, rare, but often extremely beautiful traditional laundry aids. 32pp.
  Price: £4.99  
50 Corinthians

Corinthians are small collectable models of football players. This bulk-lot of fifty represents really good value for money.
  Price: £25.00  
British £1 banknotes

This series of British £1 notes with the cashier signature D.H.F Somerset, spans the period 1981 to 1988. The front of the note has the Queens portrait and the reverse Sir Isaac Newton. The note measures 135mm x 67mm. The 10 x £1 notes in this collection are in circulated condition. (good-very good).
  Price: £35.00  
100 first day covers

By buying in bulk, the individual price per First Day Cover offers good investment potential.
  Price: £50.00  
100 Pokemon cards

Whilst the trading card game is no longer as popular as it was, the cards are becoming collectable.
  Price: £25.00