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Original 50-year-old tax disc
Original 50-year-old tax disc

Original 50-year-old tax disc

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In Britain, vehicle tax discs were first introduced in 1921 and the last one expired in 2015. Today, in 2022, there's a market in tax discs. Some of the rarest examples are now selling for over £1,000. However, there are still plenty of tax discs with old expiry dates that can be purchased for much lower sums.

We are offering an opportunity for you to purchase one or more 50 year old original tax discs at a price of £15 (inc VAT) each. We will include a copy of our publication VEHICLE TAX DISCS with each order placed.

This offer is an opportunity to start building an investment portfolio of tax discs or to just see what it is all about.

Although we believe that the market will out-perform some more traditional investments, we cannot forecast any specific growth percentages. This is a speculative investment in a commodity that is a piece of our social history and a colourful and fascinating one at that.

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